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5Dimes Poker Rakeback

Poker Rakeback
5Dimes Poker Rakeback

Known for great lines and fast payouts, sports is where 5 Dimes has excelled since they first  launched in 1998. has long been a leader in the online sportsbook industry so if you like to bet sports you will almost certainly find what you are looking for at 5Dimes. If you play poker, there is also much with the poker offerings at 5Dimes.

5Dimes is a great option for poker for three key reasons:
1.  5Dimes offers access to 2 different poker networks. This means one bankroll for two networks.
2.  5Dimes offers the highest reward or rakeback on both networks.
3.  5Dimes pays players quickly, with US players reporting that they are receiving payouts within a week. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are available.

5Dimes accepts players from most countries in the world, including the United States. 5Dimes does NOT accept players from France or states that have already regulated online poker – Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. Rakeback on the Shark Tank poker client (Winning Poker Network) is only available to players located in Canada and the United States.

Poker Room Under Maintenance
December 1, 2021: The 5Dimes Poker Room is currently undergoing maintenance and will be back online soon. Sign-ups will re-open and existing customers will be able to resume normal play after maintenance is complete.

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(Earn the benefits described below by using our link.  There is no need to submit your name to us)

5Dimes Open Waters Poker Room (Grand Poker Network)
The Grand Poker Network is a new network but is growing fast to become one of the newest poker room options for players accepting US players. And because they are backed by the big 5Dimes name, you will never have to worry about your funds.

At the Grand Poker Network room, you'll find more plentiful cash game action than tournaments, but there is a schedule of regular GTD Tournaments is well.  Play is generally considered to be below average on the Grand Poker Network because of the networks recreational player focus. You can play on the Grand Poker Network client on a Windows or Mac machine.

In addition to great games, you can receive a minimum of 35% rakeback when playing on the Grand Poker Network.

5Dimes Shark Tank Poker (Winning Poker Network)
Important: You must contact 5Dimes Support directly to get set up for 27% rakeback on the Shark Tank poker room.

5Dimes second poker client is referred to “Shark Tank Poker” and it is on the Winning Poker Network (WPN), which has a significantly larger player pool than Grand Poker Network.  You'll find large guaranteed tournaments and huge promotions like the Beast Rake Rac

In the Shark Tank you'll earn 27% flat rakeback, the maximum rate allowed on the Winning Network. To received but remember you will need to contact 5Dimes support to get set up to receive rakeback.  We advise you to do this on the first day you sign up to avoid missing any earnings.

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5Dimes Review
The beauty of 5Dimes is that you can keep your money in one place and have access to multiple poker networks.  If you're in the US you are familiar with the challenges of moving money between poker sites.  At 5Dimes you can play some very large guaranteed tournaments in the Shark Tank (including weekly $80k guaranteed tournament and the occasional special guaranteed tournament up to $1 million).  Scope out some soft cash games in the Fish Tank or Open Waters.  Earn the best rewards allowed on all networks.  All with an operator, 5dimes, who has been in business for 15 years and has an outstanding reputation.  It's a great all in one option for players looking to access US-friendly poker rooms.

5 Dimes Poker Rakeback
When signing up through Rakeback Nation, you are eligible to receive 5 Dimes rakeback on the Grand Poker Network (Open Waters) and the Shark Tank, which is on the Winning Poker Network. When playing at the Shark Tank client, you will receive lifetime 27% rakeback, whether you play cash games or tournaments.

To enroll in 5Dimes Shark Tank Rakeback, you must register through RakebackNation and contact customer support to convert your account to a rakeback account. Once enrolled, your rakeback will be paid every Wednesday for play during the previous week. Rake is calculated based on the weighted contributed method, which allocates rake based on the percentage of each pot that a player contributes to. So if, a player contributes to 50% of the pot and it is raked $3, that player would have “raked” $1.50.

Important: 27% Shark Tank rakeback is only available to 5Dimes players located in Canada and the United States.

Rakeback is also available on the Grand Poker Network client as well, but is a bit more complicated. While you are playing cash games and tournaments you will earn Grand Poker Points at the equivalent of 250 per $1 in rake or tournament fees that you generate. You can convert your GPPs to cash at a rate of 35% rakeback.

Alternatively, you can also receive an equivalent minimum of 50% rakeback (at the time this review was published) when playing in the poker room’s AdvanceToGo Reward tournaments. All players will receive cash payments that give them the equivalent of 50% rakeback with the top position receiving 100%. This is a great way to earn extra rewards but there is a bit more time commitment involved.

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5 Dimes Promotions
The vast majority of the 5Dimes Poker promotions are offered through the Shark Tank/Winning Poker Network client. In addition to 27% rakeback, which is detailed above, 5 Dimes offers a large selection of rewarding promotions available to poker players that sign-up through RakebackNation.


Having given away nearly $5 million dollars so far, the Beast is the most popular promotion on the Shark Tank after 27% rakeback. Each week, thousands of dollars in cash prizes are awarded to players who play at designated “Beast” tables. The actual prize pool varies depending on the activity on the tables during the week, but usually awards over $20,000 per week to the top 100 or 200 players. You will earn points by playing at Beast tables and contributing to pots. You will earn more points at the higher limits due to higher rake. A separate tournament race is also held as part of the Beast promotion

More freerolls are offered on the Shark Tank client than ever before. Now you can access On-demand freerolls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These tournaments do not run like a normal scheduled online multi-table tournament. Instead, these $10 freerolls will get started once 270 players have entered, much like a Sit N Go. Once the freeroll is filled up, another will be added to the lobby and will be ready to join. In addition to the $10 prize pool, a freeroll leaderboard will be held each week which will reward the top performers with tournament entries each week, with top place receiving $270 in tournament tickets. These tournaments are a fantastic way to try out the 5Dimes Shark Tank software and try your hand at real money competition.

5Dimes refreshes their promotion offering on the Shark Tank quite often. Be sure to check out the promotion section periodically to keep up with the latest promotions at 5Dimes.

Fabulous $500 Freerolls
The Grand Poker Network 5Dimes Poker client offers a fairly light selection of promotions. The main promotion of note is their Fabulous $500 Omaha Freerolls, available Sundays at 10 PM ET. There are absolutely no requirements to enter this freeroll, but it will be capped at 2,000 players. Registration opens five days before the tournament with late registrations accepted up to 20 minutes after the start of the tournament.

5Dimes Poker Games
If you are looking for the greater game selection, you are definitely going to want to play on the Shark Tank client. During peak times on the Shark Tank, you can find over 1000 real money players. Dozens of No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha tables run up to $10/$20. Fixed Limit Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, 32Card Poker and even Telesina are offered. Note that games in red that have PPR next to them are Beast Race eligible, which awards thousands of dollars in cash each week to top players.

The Shark Tank is also quickly becoming a destination for tournament players as well. They don’t have the volume that some other poker rooms have, but they do run dozens of decent sized guaranteed tournaments each week. Notably, the Shark Tank offers a $10,000 daily guaranteed and a premier Sunday major with a guarantee of around $80,000. They have even recently featured special guaranteed tournaments up to $1 million guaranteed.

The Grand Poker Network client offers No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha/Hi. It’s a relatively light selection of game types, but it allows the players that join the tables to be more concentrated, allowing more games to start. Much of the available action is at the low buy-in No Limit Hold’em tables. The Bad Beat Jackpot tables (signified by a yellow trophy icon) are available as an option for players hoping to score a piece of the $10,000+ Bad Beat Jackpot. Players must lose with pocket eights or higher to qualify.

Tournament action is light but guaranteed tournaments can be seen up to $2,000 with other more frequent guaranteed tournaments available through the day. The vast majority of the tournaments offered are at No Limit Hold’em, although there are some Pot Limit Omaha events sprinkled in as well.


5 Dimes Sportsbook and Casino

5Dimes is most well-known for their top-rated and trusted US-facing sportsbook, which they have run  since 1999. They feature one of the largest selections of lines and wager types for nearly all major sports including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer to name a few -- everything that you would expect from an established book, including some sports you likely don’t care about such as water polo (apologies to the water polo fans).

In addition to popular wager types such as straight bets, totals and parlays, 5dimes also offers you the option of betting on teasers/progressives, pleasers, if-bets, rolling if-bets, round robins, reverses, Asian handicaps, office pools and point-buying.

5Dimes Live In-Game betting allows you to place bets on popular sports as the action is happening. Live betting has become very popular in recent years for its fast-paced action and almost limitless betting opportunities. It’s like playing the stock market but for sports betting. In-Game is betting is generally available for football, basketball, baseball, and a few other sports. Log into the sportsbook to check for availability.

Like the 5Dimes Poker room, you will have the choice of multiple casinos when playing at 5 Dimes. The 5Dimes Grand Casino features over 200 games including over 90 slot options, seven variations of blackjack, video poker, baccarat, craps, roulette and about everything else you would expect from an online casino. The Grand Casino can be played via a Download client or an Instant Play version from your internet browser.

In the Bonus Casino, billed as “the player’s favorite,” 5Dimes claims to offer some of the best possible odds on your favorite casino games. Check the posted player payback odds before sitting down at the tables. In the Bonus Casino, a variety of special perks are offered including the Mad Bonus, where up to a 100% Bonus Reward is offered as well as Blackjack bonuses up to $50,000 through the All Red 5-5-5-5 promotion.


5 Dimes Customer Service

5Dimes has many ways for you to reach them if you happen to run into any issues. The 5Dimes customer service is available via email, live chat and a variety of phone numbers depending on the nature of your issue. Their general email address is available at If you would prefer the quick response from the live chat, you may reach them via the 5Dimes website 24 hours a day, although during late in the evening/early morning just a first level customer service may be on-call. Many inquires may need to be answered by the crew that comes in at 9 AM ET.

Customer Service can also be reached at a variety of phone numbers:

General customer support: 1-800-430-5896, 1-800-305-3517, 1-800-243-7890
New Accounts: 1-877-332-7501
Sports Wagering: 1-866-924-3772, 1-800-442-0151, 1-877-800-7529
Horse Wagering: 1-877-800-7529
Fax: 1-800-559-7419
Local Phone Line: 506-225-6716


5 Dimes Payment Processing
5Dimes makes it easy to fund your account by offering a large variety of methods and types of payment methods. Deposit methods for players include credit card, person to person transfers, certified check or money order, Vanilla reload, My Cash Card, Walmart Gift Card and more recently, Bitcoin. Most options are free with the exception of Person to Person and Money Order transfers. Contact customer support for full rates. Non-US players may use Neteller or Skrill.

Withdrawals are offered through most of the same methods that are available for deposits with the exception of credit cards. Most withdrawals are free with the exception of certified check ($40-$80), debit card ($15-$40), money order ($80) and prepaid card ($25).

If you are funding your poker balance, sportsbook transfers and account transfers (from another player) are available 24/7.

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