Understanding Rakeback Calculation Methods

Sunday, 12 December 2010 00:00

Rakeback calculationSince last week brought the big news of Full Tilt changing their rake calculation method, we thought this was a good time to discuss the three ways rake can be calculated.

Weighted-Contributed Rakeback - Over the past year this has become by far the predominant form of rakeback. This method is considered the most fair, as it only rewards rakeback based the amount of money you actually contributed to the pot. This method is also referred to as Rake Rebate.


Six players are dealt into a hand, everyone folds to the Cutoff who raises & is called by the Small blind & Big blind. The total pot reaches $200 with Cutoff & Small blind each contributing $80, and the Big Blind contributed $40 before folding on the River. The Cutoff & Small blind each paid 40% while the Big Blind contributed 20%. The pot was Raked $3, so the Cutoff & Small blind earned 40% of $3 = $1.20 in rake, and the Big Blind earned $0.60 in rake. No other players receive rake from the hand.

Sites that use this method: Full Tilt Poker (as of October 1st, 2010), Merge Gaming sites (which include Carbon Poker, RPM Poker), Everleaf skins (which include Poker4ever & Minted Poker), Entraction skins (including NoiQ poker), and Boss/IPN skins (including PokerHeaven)

Dealt Rakeback - All players who are dealt a hand receive rakeback with this method. The rake amount is divided equally by the total number of players dealt in at that table. A player does not have to put money in the pot or play the hand. This method is also known as RakeShare and most sites are moving away form this method.

Example: You are playing a 6max table, with all 6 players sitting in and dealt into the hand. Two opponents play out a $60 pot, which gets raked $3 by the site. You would divide that $3 by the number of players at the table, which is Six. This $0.50 is the amount of Rake you are credited for.

Sites that use this method: Cake Network skins (including Cake Poker , PokerWorld, Victory Poker), True Poker

Average Contributed Rakeback – This is the method utilized by the fewest amount of sites. This method works nearly like a combination of the two methods. All players who make any contribution to the pot are credited equally with rake contribution. This includes the Big Blind, and Small Blind, even if they don’t complete.

Example: Six players are dealt into the hand. Only the player in the Cutoff and Button see the flop. Four players (those two plus the blinds) are given an equal share (25%) of the rake.

Sites that use this method: Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet