Poker Rakeback

What is the Poker Rake?

When you play poker at a casino (online or brick and mortar), the poker room takes a “cut” or “rake” from each pot. The poker rake is the fee you pay the Poker Room to play. Although the rake from just one pot is seemingly insignificant, experienced players know that the accumulation of rake is enormous! To combat this constant draining of your poker bankroll, you can join Rakeback Nation and get a significant percentage or what you pay to the poker room back in the form of Rakeback!  Rakeback deals are only available through approved affiliates like Rakeback Nation, and as an affiliate it's our job to help you choose the best deals and act as a resource with the poker rooms. 


Pot - Rake Rake - Rakeback Rakeback - you
Poker Rooms take a small cut of each pot
(or add a small charge to your tournament entry). This is called the 'rake'.
Just like live rooms 'comp' reward players with meals, etc, online rooms comp players by refunding part of the rake also known as an online poker rakeback.
Your Poker Rakeback payment is deposited directly into your poker account, either daily or weekly, depending on the poker site.

To get Rakeback, choose a site below and click the link to create a new poker account

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